Future Festivals – Oxjam Beeston 2021

On Saturday the 25th of September the Future Festivals project unleashed its first hybrid festival experience on an unsuspecting Beeston public and donated £500 to Oxfam in the process. Debuting our new software platform “Bubbles” we delivered music from eleven performers, eight from our Middle Street Resource Centre venue and a further three from remote… Continue reading Future Festivals – Oxjam Beeston 2021

Future Festivals – Oxjam

We’re excited to be supporting Oxjam this Saturday, 25th September and for those who can’t make it to Beeston in Nottingham, there’s still an opportunity to take part. The Future Festivals project is working with the Mixed Reality Lab to stage an experimental online Oxjam experience on the day. Professor Steve Benford explains “It’s sort… Continue reading Future Festivals – Oxjam

Future Festivals

Call for Participants Our research team at the University of Nottingham is working on making better platforms for hybrid festivals that bring together live and digital performers/audiences in the same event. As part of Oxfam’s annual fundraising event Oxjam, we are testing a prototype hybrid festival system at a local venue in Nottingham on Saturday… Continue reading Future Festivals

Storytelling – Grow Your Own Adventure

Telling stories to young children is core for developing communication, language and literacy skills. In addition to listening to stories, storytelling can encourage the sharing of experiences and supports good mental health.  During the pandemic live storytelling sessions had to be cancelled, so Makers of imaginary Worlds (MOIW) responded with ‘The Gift’, a project that created a… Continue reading Storytelling – Grow Your Own Adventure

Adaptive Interactive Movies (AIM)

We’ve seen an increase in the production of interactive films. It’s therefore surprising that the ‘interactive’ methods used to shape this type of media have not changed greatly since the 1960s. Traditional concepts of interactivity have been cited as incompatible with the inherent pleasures of movie watching.  AIM project Lead, Richard Ramchurn’s work using Brain Controlled Interface (BCI)… Continue reading Adaptive Interactive Movies (AIM)

Future Festivals – news

Future Festivals will be supporting the delivery of UPBEAT Festival of Culture, Learning and Wellbeing on 22nd July.  Listen to Joel Hall (Streampark) talk to BBC Radio Nottingham about the event here.

Horizon Co-Production Campaign projects announced

Horizon Co-Production campaign announces three new projects: Adaptive Interactive Movies (AIM) will investigate the processes involved in the creation of adaptive movies that collect and use audiences’ real-time personal data. Future Festivals will explore technology support for the co-production of blended (physical-online) festival experiences. Storytelling – Grow Your Own Adventure will research, develop and evaluate… Continue reading Horizon Co-Production Campaign projects announced

Workshop Groups

The following four areas were discussed during two half day workshops and project proposals are currently under development: Brain and Body Controlled Media: Despite interactive film becoming more mainstream – now available on streaming services and online – the central interaction has mostly remained unchanged since the 1960s, that of the viewer actively making decisions… Continue reading Workshop Groups

Co-Production Campaign Workshops

Co-Production workshops were held on the 2nd and 3rd March 2021, to shape the Campaign and identify projects for inclusion – focusing on directly engaging consumers in the making and distribution of hybrid products, exploring novel ways in which they might co-create from directly producing content to indirectly shaping products through their personal data.